Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Might Wanna Read This...Now.

Aloha everyone,
feels great to be featured back on the FGBC blog page because I love this fellowship and am concerned about a few issues.i value the freedom we have to share our concerns with one another and this blog page is a great forum to engage in dialogue and discussion about a variety of issues.i have shared of late some of my concerns regarding the trend of Temple and Mosque visitation being conducted at our conferences.i would love to hear from many of you and there are a variety of venues to do this. One is here on this blog or Please visit our Youtube page:

On there you will find a short clip outlining some missiological concerns and in a few days there will be a thorough sermon posted on the temple/Mosque visit issues.

For all readers, a reminder. I and a very few others have merely shared CONCERNS we have with this trend and are not attempting to legislate anyone's liberty. Please receive our CONCERNS as speaking the truth in love with no disrespect to the people involved. Here's to the freedom to discuss these things in the body of Christ. feel free to contact me for more discussion and i urge you if you are one of several who I've been told are really ticked at me. Let's talk calmly and coolly.i am interested in your perspective as well.

In Christ, Steve Mitchell

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Anonymous said...

I had a very long comment, but it was lost when I had to initiate an account with Google. Perhaps I will try again later. Meanwhile, we share a friend in Bobby Bailey. He is an amazing, wonderful man and freind. I am certain that you already realize this truth. Perhaps we will develop a friendship of sorts because of our shared friendship. In any case, Bobby's news about being ready to truly listen to God's calling and knocking, and the realization of Grace, is most awesome, AMEN!

Be well; stay faithful. Steve