Thursday, September 9, 2010

Having the Right Heart on 9/11

I just want to encourage everyone reading this that we need to be praying for Muslims on this and every day hereafter that they may be saved by the grace and mercy offered them in Jesus Christ.

We need to distance ourselves from anything that smacks of the possible Koran burning in Florida in favor of interceding for the salvation of Muslims worldwide.

Rather than seeking to needlessly inflame millions by impetuous actions, we need to pray for the opportunity to speak the truth in love to our Muslim friends and neighbors. That means the gospel, folks.

Acceptable attitudes toward Muslims can include disagreement with the tenets of Islam and vigorous dialogue but not participating in hateful speech or abrasive actions.

While I celebrate the right and freedom everyone has to worship how and what they please, I still reserve the right to disagree with their viewpoints and need not placate their views and demands by softening my stance on what I perceive to be the dangers of a false religion.

This “pastor” in Florida has the right to do what he is doing but I distance myself from this vulgar display in such sensitive times.

I stand in protest to the “Ground Zero Mosque” and Imam Rauf and I celebrate the rights of Americans and Muslims who will stand tomorrow in peaceful protest. I will pray for Rauf and the Muslims who support his version of an impetuous, abrasive, and vulgar decision of actually going through with building this place of worship on a plot of ground that means so much to this country.

Does “pastor” Jones have the right to burn Korans on 9/11? Yes, but I pray he refrains from doing so and does not succeed. Does Imam Rauf have the right to build his mosque on such meaningful soil? Yes. But I pray fervently that he does not succeed.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, we live in troubled times that require discernment, knowledge of the truth, and love for both our fellow believers and people of any faith; Love that tells the truth with no compromise and love that expresses itself in fervent prayer and bold witness.


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