Thursday, September 9, 2010

Part 1 of an Important Sermon Posted

It's up, at long last. Funny how “tweenagers” can video a clip of themselves chewing gum and singing the latest Justin Bieber hit and just hit “post” or some other such magic button and they can get broad-casted globally in minutes...And it takes us literally hours to post the first 15 minute clip of an important sermon.

But, as stated earlier, “It's Up” and I'm referring to Part 1 of a sermon delivered at Garden City GBC in Roanoke, Virginia two weeks ago entitled “Concerns about Temple/Mosque Visits”. You can watch here:

or here:

Folks, I welcome your comments and input concerning this issue and I have tried to cogently and concisely share my concerns with this practice being used not only in the FGBC but a growing number of denominations as well. Please receive the information in this sermon as a plea for discernment and a sharing of my concerns. Hopefully, you will see that I have tried speaking the truth in love.

Parts 2-4 will be up in the next few days. If you are informed by what you see, consider bookmarking our Youtube page and this blog.

In Christ, Steve

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