Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prayer Requests from the "Star City"

Greetings in Christ Jesus from Roanoke, VA: "Star City of the South",

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much in Hawaiian) for all the prayers and intercession for my family, ministry, and myself. The body of Christ has been precious in their agape love at this time in my life.
Here's some additional prayer requests for your consideration:

Please pray for our Blue Ridge district youth rally at Camp Tuk-A-way this Sunday Sept. 12th. Pray for salvation and rededication for our young people.

Pray for our Monday night Bible study in our living room. Slowly growing and we saw our first salvation last night. Awesome! Pray for continuing effective outreach to Roanoke and beyond.

Pray for our Hindu/ Muslim Outreach plan. The Hindu phase kicks off later this month with our first copies of the Bible 9along with a clear presentation of the gospel) being sent to gurus around the globe. This outreach involves getting the Word of God directly into the hands of Hindu spiritual teachers without taking people into their temples. Please pray for the gospel witness to boldly shine in this endeavor. The Muslim phase kicks off in November (Lord willing). If you want to get involved as an individual or a church please call me at 540-904-5420.

Pray for my wife and I's mission to India next summer. There's a lot of work to be done and opportunities for evangelism.

Please Pray for effectiveness in evangelism with the local Jehovah's Witness rep coming to meet me Thursday AM.

Please pray for continued follow-up with young people who prayed to receive Jesus this past summer at camp.

Please continue to pray for my leukemia (CLL) as find out this Friday whether or not I will be taking chemotherapy.

Pray for the continued gospel/discernment outreach with Power To Stand Ministries.

Pray for the churches and pastors of the Blue Ridge district to boldly proclaim the saving message of Jesus Christ and the efforts for discipleship in our churches.

Pray for the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health issues in our flocks.

Pray for your role in taking the Word to the world!

In Christ, Steve

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