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Urgent Plea from an Indian Christian Woman

An Urgent Plea From an Indian Christian Woman

My name is Supriya Mitchell and I am an Indian woman who was born and raised in Pune, India. I now live in Virginia but still have friends and family back home that I visit as much as I can. Although I was raised in a Christian home, I was taken to Hindu temples by our maid who was and still is a follower of Hinduism when I was a little girl. I love much of my Indian culture but also am burdened for so many of my people who worship false gods. I know the religions of my homeland from seeing them first-hand, and I hope my perspective helps in this matter. I am thankful that the true God preserved and protected me from many of the evils associated with following Hindu gods or the god of Islam.

The reason I am writing this is that I am here to plead with all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ NOT to VISIT TEMPLES or MOSQUES. I have seen the things in temples that you all may not even think about. I have seen people getting possessed. As a little girl I have witnessed lots of Hindus and Muslims coming to the exorcist who had his little place next to my house and it is still bone chilling to think about it. I have heard the demon voice coming out of those people and so you can see why I am concerned with this practice of taking Christians and even groups where some may not even be true believers into these pagan places of demon worship. The leaders of the youth conference are aware that some who attend Momentum may not yet know Christ and so they preach the gospel to them and urge them to make sure they really know Him. But then, a large group of these young people will be taken into a temple or mosque when they may still not even be saved. Some hearts may be open to possession or oppression by the evil spirits being worshiped there. This is so dangerous and is heavy on my heart.

This is one of the reasons I am so concerned about these visits. I am pleading with you all not to go and send the people of your church or your kids into such a dangerous place where DEMONS are worshiped. Right before conference last year I called one of the leaders of these temple trips and was told that those trips were already planned and could not be canceled. Well, that was a year ago, and the decision has been made again to take conference goers of both the youth and adult conference into these places again. It is a burden in my heart for God's people and I plead with you all not to go. There are many other ways you can learn about Hinduism but caution needs to be taken. Going to temples or mosques and doing what they require is not necessary.

Just remember, coming from an Indian perspective that even removing your shoes is a worship to their gods ; removing shoes is respecting their gods. It clearly says in 1 Cor.10:14-33 not to fellowship with demons or do things that are known to be pagan. I have also been informed that in some trips in the past there was a buffet laid out for the people who visited the temples to eat after the tour. What is the reason to eat food offered to idols when the Bible says not to and there are many Indian restaurants to eat Indian food? This practice is definitely associated with dedication to false gods .All that food has been dedicated to whatever god or goddess is prayed to in there.

Please understand that I know we need to reach out for ethnic people and it so awesome and very exciting to learn about other cultures. But there are other ways to do it besides going in to their places of worship and actually doing rituals that mean something Hindu or Islamic . My suggestion is to make friends with Hindus and Muslims and just talk about Jesus and share the Gospel. There are many places and ways that we can do that that do not involve compromising our faith in Jesus Christ.
PLEASE I plead with you NOT to VISIT the TEMPLES.

for more info, please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtw-a7D6jm8
In Christ, Supriya Mitchell Contact me at supriya_smile@hotmail.com

Alert! Stop Temple/Mosque Visits!

Aloha & Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus,

My name is Steven Mitchell and I pastor the Garden City Grace Brethren Church in Roanoke, Virginia.

At week's end, the Grace Brethren's Celebrate 2010 Conference and Momentum Youth Conference will be in full swing and I am praying for a blessed time for all in attendance.

There is one event, however, that is being offered at both conferences concerning GBIM's Reaching Ethnic America campaign and this is the leading of tours to a Hindu temple and the possibility of visiting a Muslim mosque. These practices are of extreme concern for a growing number of people within the FGBC and I believe that it has reached the point where a loving warning is in order if you plan to attend these tours.

As a missionary who has spent time in India and is married to an Indian wife, my heart is really in this plea for discernment. Dear believer, please don't go into these pagan places of worship! Don't remove your shoes, eat a temple meal, or don the Muslim headdress (hijab) because these practices have religious significance to these false beliefs.

Please watch this Youtube clip where a friend and I lay out our concerns more fully:


If you want more info and some more detailed discussion and talking points concerning the further danger of these temple/mosque visits, please visit our blog at this address and read the three-part series about this practice that is gaining momentum in the FGBC.


Finally, I urge you upon viewing these articles of concern to be safe and refrain from anything that calls itself a “total immersion experience” into Hinduism or any other false religion(This is a quote from the latest issue of GBIM's Kairos magazine advertising the Cincinnati temple trip after Celebrate 2010). The Bible is clear that we, as God's people, ought not to participate in any aspect of pagan worship or religious practice ( 1 Corinthians 10:19-20).

Dear readers, please consider these concerns from my heart of hearts. Pastors, lovingly view the evidence and exhort your people accordingly. Parents, be wise concerning the potential dangers of this practice for your young people. Young people, dare to be different and stand against trends that would cause you in any way to compromise your stand with Jesus Christ. Beloved, be immersed in God's Word and you will have the discernment He provides to guide and protect you and help you worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

May the Lord bless you richly,

Steve Mitchell
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Contact me at powertostand@yahoo.com