Thursday, December 20, 2012

Concerns Return December 2012

Greetings folks. it's the Eve of December 21st and I am writing after a long hiatus of prayer and consideration.The information I am going to feature for the next several blog posts is of great import regarding the direction our fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches seems to be heading.

I must emphasize that I love this fellowship and have many friends who have heard me over the years as I have attempted to lovingly share my concerns about troubling trends and themes that seem to be gaining prevalence among us. I have had many phone conversations, email exchanges, and a few sit-down meals where I have attempted to share my heart and the uneasiness I continue to have in the face of what I have been documenting and uncovering from our publications, blogs, and online sermons.

What follows is a history of some of the stands I have taken in the face of potential and actual spiritually hazardous teachings and endorsements. In truth, these entries only scratch the surface of how pervasive and deep some of these teachings have embedded within the fabric of the FGBC. I realize that some of you have no interest in the FGBC but I want to remind many of you that I have been in and involved with this fellowship of churches all my life and currently pastor a Grace Brethren Church in Roanoke, Virginia.

Please read on in this collection of multiple entries that chronicles some of my early concerns as well as current dangers or potential dangers being promoted and entertained among us. Two final caveats and an explanation:

1) I mean no disrespect or malice towards those cited and I believe that every one has the right to promote and read what they want to in the privacy of their own home. I am also not trying to legislate anyone's liberty but I believe that we are to expose dangerous doctrine and practice after biblically testing all things.I have spoken or written to almost every person I mention.

 2) My attempts to confront and deal with some of these things is done from a heart of genuine concern for the people and ministries affected by emergent, seeker-sensitive, purpose-driven, spiritual formation-driven, and contemplative errors that are being embraced by more and more in our fellowship.

My invitation to you is to read these concerns and feel free to contact me. Comment here if you wish or write or call me personally to discuss these matters. Realize that releasing these things on this blog comes after many attempts to have dialogue and discussion among us about these things. the first entry follows and then every several days hence I will add another entry.

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