Thursday, December 20, 2012

FGBC Concerns Pt. 3: Emergent VS. FGBC Statement of Faith

Emergent VS. FGBC Statement of Faith

In Feb. 2008, Dr. Terry Hofecker requested that I submit a paper that dealt with the specific impact the emergent teachings were having on our fellowship. The angle was good in that he wanted me to show whether or not emergent theology and practice was compatible with our fellowship’s statement of faith. This paper was supposed to be submitted to a forum for discussion at national conference and anyone could challenge or rebut me but none of that ever happened. In 2009 I decided to post the paper on my blog and here it is:

In April 2008, I published a short update on Willow Creek and their involvement with the emergent. This did not go over well with many in the FGBC because they were and some still are promoting Hybels and his leadership summits as viable training opportunities for our pastors. Here's the article:

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