Thursday, December 20, 2012

FGBC Concerns Pt. 2: CE National Concerns

CE National Concerns

I continued in 2007 to have correspondences and meetings with several in the FGBC resulting from the impact of the above sermon. I started kind of monitoring our FGBC websites and ministries and actually reading about the conference speakers, recommended resources and articles and couldn't believe how much emergent stuff was being endorsed and promoted by many in our fellowship. CE National was probably the biggest bringer of some very concerning stuff. After a lengthy talk with Ed Lewis, who was a dear brother and a role model for me as a teen, I was basically told that I was right in my concerns but at the same time completely out of line with sharing them. I was told to go ahead and speak out if I felt led to, so I did and Sept. 2007 brought this series of articles:
CE national: Concerning the Emerging/ent Church”
(I also have an mp3 of this series on CD if you want to listen)

These articles caused a small firestorm in that many people were angered that I would dare “attack” Ed Lewis as director of CE National. However, as you can read these are not personal attacks and as I said, Ed basically said go ahead and warn people if I felt that the direction of CE National was anything to be concerned about. So I did.

My initial call to Ed Lewis happened when I read that CE National was taking teens to Rob Bell's church as a “model ministry”. It had already happened and as I read about it online I needed to contact Ed. This is again when I was told that CE National “doesn't draw their lines the same places I do” and that if I felt the need to speak out on stuff to go ahead. So this article was published in Jan. 2008:

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