Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Addendum To Temple/Mosque Visitation Concerns

Several things need to be noted concerning this trend of visiting Hindu temples and Muslim Mosques. it's no secret that some in our fellowship have been vocal about this practice and actively leading teams of adults and young people into these pagan places of worship in the name of trying to give people a "heart for the soil" of a lost person's soul.

I have spoken with the main leader of this practice in the FGBC at length about my concerns and made it clear that we disagreed about this issue. I think it's a terrible idea with potential and actual spiritual hazards and he absolutely sees the whole thing differently.I will continue to oppose this practice and he will continue to promote it.

I was cleared to have my blog posted on the FGBC website and was told that my concerns were valid about many of the issues I wrote about.

I was also cleared to post a series of articles on my objections to Temple/Mosque visitations under the condition that I did not mention specific names of those I disagreed with and used a cordial tone. Those at the website KNEW that I was going to post these concerns and gave me the go-ahead to do so.

Upon returning from India I posted the first part of my series and pretty much the very day that my second part went up, my blog was pulled from the FGBC blog page. I did not remove it. It was PULLED.

I had a phone conversation where I was told that what I had done was disappointing and apparently several in the FGBC were "upset" that I had disagreed with this practice.No actual address or citation of my actual writings were made to me. The issues were not dealt with but I was told that others were giving flack and getting flack over what I posted at some level unknown to me but there it is! The "powers that be" in the FGBC have deemed my concerns controversial and too hot to handle for the blog page.

Please understand, folks, that I am not trying to be edgy or controversial but was actually encouraged for a very short time that we had a fellowship wherein we could openly dialogue and even respectfully disagree with one another without the fear of being unreasonably censored or pulled from our respective slots on the blog page...or so it seemed.

I leave you with two things: 1) I think that this does not bode well for this fellowship in that this seems to be a clear case of information control going on. 2)I will continue to post freely on this blog if I feel the need to share concerns with whoever else may be concerned about what they see happening in the church today.


Anonymous said...

Preach it Bro. Some find it easy to proclaim truth but the coureagous not only proclaim truth, but live it as well, even when it may not be accepted by some.

John said...

Keep up the good work.

Post more.

John said...


Have you heard of the Crescent Project? What do you think? Are they part of the contextualization movement that seems to be going off track?

On their website ( they promote attending Friday prayers at a mosque.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Steve,

Keep up the good work. You are 100% correct in this matter. I have a friend who left the GBC because the "powers that be" refused to properly deal with situations. While he was pastoring in the GBC, his church had growth every year and was recognized as the church with the most baptisms at least one year that I can remember. I don't think that congregation has grown at all since he was fired. I stumbled on (or possibly led by the Holy Spirit) this blog just as I was contemplating re-establishing my own relationship with the GBC. I will most likely contact you in the next couple of weeks for a possible meeting.

John said...

And so it continues:

John said...

Still more; it's everywhere.

Emily said...

Wow- I just don't understand how you can be so, so divisive. How dare you call yourself someone who obeys the Bible when you are so flagrantly unwilling to learn. Unwilling to speak respectfully of others. Respectfully disagreeing sure does not happen on your part. One day you will be held accountable for your attitude and unrepentant heart. There are millions of unbelievers who will never, ever hear the word of God unless it is spoken to them. How will we speak to them unless we form relationships with them? How will be form relationships unless we stop speaking so hatefully towards them? You speak hatefully, disrespectfully and unknowledgeably. Sir, you do not have the corner on Biblical exegesis. Hatefulness is not 'preaching it' or 'proclaiming the truth." I thought by now you surely would have realized how sinful your divisiveness is. Obviously not.