Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Urgently Needed? FGBC In India!

In 1897, the ancestors of what is now the Grace Brethren met in Johnstown, Pennsylvania for what could be considered the first “Foreign Missions”-oriented conference. Brother J. C. Mackey was endorsed and commended to go to India with a burden to reach the lost and maybe even plant a church there.

Dr. David Plaster writes these sad words: “This endorsement evidently was as far as Brother Mackey ever got on his way to India” (Finding Our Focus, p. 83).

1897: good intentions, foreign mission fervor, a heart for India, yet , as they say, the rest is history…

He never went. He never made it. To my knowledge, we still have no official work in India to this day.

This blog entry might be for someone reading out there. Maybe you’ve been earnestly praying about where the Lord is leading you for His service. This may be a little shove to make you move. Pray to God even now if He may be calling you to go short-term or long-term while we are gifted with today.

He is coming soon! India is ripe for the harvest! More dispatches to come from this nation in need...

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